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Fear is not a "system error" that we should fixed, or an enemy that we should overcome.

When we learn how to fear wisely, fear becomes an unconventional weapon for success.

Kfir Itzhaki is an international speaker, author, head of combat training at "Duvdevan" - IDF's elite counterterrorism unit, and the founder of INSTINCT IIC - a worldwide organization for self-defense and psychology teachings.

Prior to his enlistment in the IDF, he was on the verge of losing his vision due to a complication during eyes surgery, and lost his short-term memory as a result of a training accident during his military service. Kfir delivered one of his children during an emergency labor.
As a civilian, Kfir took down a knife wielding terrorist using his bare hands, during one of the most severe stabbing attacks in the knife "Intifada". Following this incident during which he was injured, and following another incident during which he saved a girl from getting rape, Kfir was awarded the "guardian Of Israel" award and two civilian medals of bravery & heroism.

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