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The phrase "defeat the fear" echoed in my head from every possible direction and by every possible person. But over the years, something inside me has not so naturally accepted it. I believe that there are no errors in the creation and in the way we were created. When we interpret a certain emotion or mechanism as a malfunction, as a kind of "bug" in the system and as something to be removed, we are actually missing the point, and missing the great harmony and potential that lies in our connection with ourselves and with the world.

Fear is a gift we came into the world with, but when we don't understand how to use it, it can become a minefield. And more problematic than that, we may adopt distorted perceptions about ourselves and  about the whole world, and hence, the road to a life full of unnecessary dizziness is very short. But if we know how to use fear wisely, it can become an unconventional weapon for our success.

Kfir Itzhaki is an international speaker, author of "Unconventional Weapon - The Complete Guide For Using Fear", mediator, and the head of a worldwide organization for self-defense and psychology teachings- INSTINCT IIC. Hundreds of men, women, children, police, security guards and military personnel throughout the world, train and learn from Kfir and his international team every year.

Kfir was a professional martial arts competitor, and won the Israeli Karate Championship. Prior to his enlistment in the IDF, he was on the verge of losing his sight following a surgical operation. In his military service, which included an extended service, he served as an operator and the head of combat training at "Duvdevan" - IDF's elite counterterrorism unit. During the training period, he lost his short-term memory as a result of a training accident, and after completing the training period, he was sent to represent his unit at IDF's Karate Championship, where he won the gold medal. Kfir completed IDF's Krav Maga instructors course as well as IDF's senior instructors course, with in the highest ranking and was selected as an excelled instructor in both courses.

As a civilian, Kfir was awarded two civilian medals of bravery and heroism after savin a girl from getting raped, and following another incident in which he chased and took over a terrorist with his bare hands during one of the most severe stabbing attacks during the Knife "Intifada". During the terror attack, an event he was not involved at all before his intervention, Kfir himself was injured. Despite the injury and the extreme turn in his life, Kfir decided to finish his law studies and continue to lead the organization he founded.

His actions and contribution to the safety of the State of Israel have received international recognition in many media outlets around the world, and he has been awarded the prestigious "Guardian Of Israel" award by StandWithUs organization. Thousands of people attended the awarding ceremony in Los Angeles, including ambassadors, IDF and US Army officials, as well as former Israeli and American security forces personnel.

The tools, insights, and hair-raising experiences he has gone through over the years, Kfir shares during his flagship lecture, "Fear Wisely", which he deliveres in Hebrew, English and Spanish, for organizations and institutions in a wide range of fields.

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