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  • INSTINCT IIC is an international organization for combat training, self-defense and psychology, which is currently considered one of the world's leading organizations in this field. Hundreds of civilians - men, women and children, and members of the law enforcement forces - police, army and security.

  • The organization was founded in 2012 by Kfir Itzhaki, and currently has ten branches in different countries around the world such as Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Italy, Honduras and more.

  • The organization conducts and offers seminars, instructor courses, monitors courses, level tests and digital courses for hundreds of participants each year.

  • A major emphasis given to studnets is the psychological side of combat. During the study, the student acquires many and varied mental tools while being deeply acquainted with the instincts, the subconscious and the structure of different mechanisms of the brain. The knowledge is based on real cases only, while constantly developing and refining the insights according to the changing terrain and operational reality, both security and civilian, and according to the most up-todate brain studies.

  • As part of the organization's management, Kfir Itzhaki flies to several different countries each year, to deliver courses, lectures, instructors certifications, level tests, as well as to supervise and provide professional and business guidance to INSTINCT's representatives.

  • The organization's representatives have a broad reputation in the field of Krav Maga and martial arts, and are leaders of large communities of students in their country. Some of the representives are from special units, and some even serve in key positions in the field of combat training on behalf of their country.

To book a course / participate in one of the upcoming courses, you can contact the organization's customer service via email -



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