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The full advanced course
Classes: 24 
Total lenght: 4.5 hours
Price: €247.00

  • Learn techniques to harness fear in real time in order to maximize performance

  • Learn how to Prevent the "Freeze" mode during emergencies and tense moments

  • Learn how to use fear as a powerful weapon at major life crossroads

  • Learn life lessons everyone can learn in order to succeed in their field, from the recipient of the "Guardian Of Israel" award and two civilian decorations for Bravery & Heroism

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Fear is one of the most fascinating and most influential phenomena in our lives. However, this is a phenomenon most of us find very difficult to deal with, and often have the tendency to try to fight fear and "defeat it".

But is "defeating" fear necessarily the right thing to do?

"FEAR WISELY" is the flagship course delivered by Kfir in Israel and around the world, in Hebrew, English and Spanish, for organizations, businesses and institutions from a wide range of fields. 24 lessons packed with tools from the world of therapy and mentoring, in-depth analyzes of real cases, and among other things - the exposure of extraordinary documentation of most of the events described by Kfir. Through all those moments of rupture and fear of a variety of types and intensities, Kfir developed the ten keys to fear: practical tools and solutions for harnessing fear as a powerful weapon, to arm yourself with heroism and to excel in every fiend of life.

Kfir Itzhaki is an international speaker, author of "Unconventional Weapon - The Complete Guide For Using Fear", mediator, and the head of a worldwide organization for self-defense and combat psychology teachings- INSTINCT IIC. Hundreds of men, women, children, police, security guards and military personnel throughout the world, train and learn from Kfir and his international team every year.

"Fear is not a system error"

While studying for a degree in law, Kfir received a civilian decoration for Bravery & Heroism after rescuing a girl from rape, and fighting and capturing the rapist, who was armed with a knife.

"Breakthroughs mostly occur when fear is present. So sometimes we have to make a rational decision of running into a storm and finding the solutions as we go"

Two years later, he chased and captured barehanded a terrorist during one of the most severe stabbing attacks during the Knife Intifada – a massive wave of knife terror attacks in Israel. During this event, which Kfir was not involved in before his intervention, he got injured himself. Despite the extreme turnaround in his life, he fought his injury and decided to finish law school.

"Thou shalt not stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor''

For risking his life to save others, Kfir received a second civilian decoration for Bravery & Heroism. His actions and contribution to the safety of the State of Israel have received international recognition in many media outlets around the world, and he has been awarded the prestigious "Guardian Of Israel" award by StandWithUs organization. Thousands of people attended the awarding ceremony in Los Angeles, including ambassadors, IDF and US Army officials, as well as former Israeli and American security forces personnel.

"Being brave is not about eliminating your fear, but harnessing it for your benefit"

The speech is combined of authentic examples and moments from our lives, enjoyable interactions involving attendees, rich content from diverse fields, and accompanied by the unveiling of extraordinary documentation of most of the events described, including the pursuit of the rapist and the terrorist takeover. Step by step, event after event, during an inspiring but also entertaining speech, Kfir teaches the insight why we should not necessarily fight fear, and how to fear wisely.


"Fear is not your enemy. It's an unconventional weapon"

Through all those moments of breakdowns and fears of many types and strengths, Kfir developed The ten keys of fear: practical tools and solutions for harnessing fear as a powerful weapon, in order to be armed with heroism and excel – every person in his own field, as well as on the street, in business, and even for your family and for your country.

"The realization that you deliberately run towards death, fully exposed, knowing that you can save yourself if you just stop chasing the terrorist, is a very difficult realization to process in real-time"


€247.00 (Euro)

What happends once I place my order?

You will recieve an email with a link and a password with which you can access the full "Fear Wisely" course. 

Note: you will recieve the email 30-60 minutes following the purchase, depending on the servers load. In case you don't find the email, please check the spam/promotions tab on you email account. 

For how long do I have access?

2 years! In case you would like to have access for more years, just Email us your request and you will recieve an extended access.

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