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OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) is one of the most common mental health disorders and it affects people of all ages and walks of life. 

In "The Full OCD Solution" course you will learn the complete 3 phases drill, based on latest neurological researches, with no need to develop addiction to psychotropic drugs or chronic therapy with a therapist. Your brain is capable to overcome it and unlock your obssesive circuits on its own. 

Watch video below and learn how the mechanism of OCD actually works in our brain, and how we can obliterate any unwanted circuits which ruin our life. 

Examine yourself - which one of those OCD types do you experience?

Contamination Worries

- Dirt, germs, bodily fluids, or illnesses
- Taking on personality traits of others
- Animals or insects causing illness
- Household cleaners, solvents, or environmental wastes leading to sickness or injury 

Fear of “Bad Things” Happening, Aggressive Thoughts

- Not being able to control impulses
- Harming a loved one
- Environmental disasters
- Excessive doubt about possessing a stolen item
- Violent images of harm coming to self or others

Need for Symmetry, Precision (“Just Right” OCD)

- Not tolerating items out of place
- Not tolerating the texture of clothing or food
- Overwhelming feeling that something must be fixed or finished
- Extreme discomfort when something feels uneven
- Difficulty making transitions

Urge to Tell, Confess, Ask, Know With Certainty

- Need to confess every detail about the day
- Uncertainty about understanding directions perfectly
- Not tolerating responses that are vague, such as “I don't know” or “maybe” 

Saving, Hoarding

- Overwhelming need to acquire objects, even if not needed
- Need to collect or carry items in pockets of no value (e.g., lint, pieces of paper from the floor)

Moral Dilemma and Religious Preoccupations (Scrupulosity)

- Extreme fear of telling a lie or having an “impure” thought
- Excessive concern about being right or wrong, or morally acceptable or offensive
- Excessive worry about offending religious figures or objects
- Rigid preoccupation with rules
- Distressing images or thoughts about what happens after death 
- Preoccupation with making the “right” decision

Sexual and “Forbidden” Thoughts

- Worry that he or she has sexually assaulted a stranger
- Worry about behaving in a sexually inappropriate way toward a loved one - Doubts about sexual orientation

Magical Thinking

- Associating certain numbers, colors, words, or personal behaviors with other people's actions or the outcomes of events



€147.00 (Euro)

What happends once I place my order?

You will recieve an email with a link and a password with which you can access to "The Full OCD Soluion" course. 

Note: you will recieve the email 30-60 minutes following the purchase, depending on the servers load. In case you don't find the email, please check the spam/promotions tab on you email account. 

For how long do I have access?

2 years! In case you would like to have access for more years, just Email us your request and you will recieve an extended access.

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