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Personal process / Consultation meeting 

Personal process

Duration of each meeting: 105 minutes (1 hour and 45 minutes)

Format: ZOOM

If you wish to finally put an end to the wrong management of fears in your life, if you wish to become a symbol of courage and self-confidence, and if you wish to learn how to use fear wisely, you are invited to go through a personal in-depth process based on my orderly and detailed model which will lead you to a comprehensive and delightful acquaintance with yourself - the one you know, and the one that you have not yet gotten to know.

My areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Anxiety disorder

  • General anxiety disorder

  • Anxiety attacks

  • OCD - obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Phobias

  • Post Trauma

  • Depression

  • Heartbreak

  • Obsessions

This is not a process reminiscent of treatment in classical psychology, both in its essence, style and length. The goal is to equip you with the relevant tools on your way to mental, social and emotional independence, without creating dependence on me as a mentor or therapist. Every person can achieve independent consciousness, given proper guidance. 

The model is based on the most up-to-date brain studies, and it invloves multiple therapy disciplines as well as my own personal experienence. These advanced exercises have proven to be the most effective during the processes and courses which thousande of people went through with me around the world.


By creating and possessing a harmonious perception which coherently unites the conscious, subconscious, body and mind, It is certainly possible to make a revolution in life. Everyone can.

Consultation Meeting

Duration of a one-time consultation meeting: 120 minutes

Format: ZOOM

In some cases, there is no need to go through a whole process, and all it takes to successfully go through a challenging crossroad in life, is a meeting with an experienced and professional person who is able to identify the root of the problem and draw a coherent action plan. I can tetsify that during several times, I was blessed to have experienced dramatic changes, thanks to a single person, sometimes without him even knowing that he had helped me so much.

The effectiveness of a one-time counstation meeting depends on the nature of the issue and the intensity of its appearance in your life. In some cases the recommendation is to make a one-time meeting, and sometimes the recommendation is to start a process. During the meeting will be given a plan for the short, medium and long term, and sometimes practical exercises will be conducted, which will serve you for a long time.


In order to increase the effectiveness of the meeting and in order for you to be able to implement it in your life, two weeks after the meeting, we will meet again over the phone for 30 minutes, for the following purposes:


  • Monitoring and checking progress status

  • Providing additional advice and refinements

  • Answering questions that have arisen since the meeting regarding the concepts we have learned and how they are applied

  • providing a continuation plan

How do we progress from here?

Due to complete confidentiality maintained between me and those who contact me for a personal consultation meeting/process, the application through this part of the website reaches me directly. So feel free to describe in a few words the essence of the issue and I will personally get back to you. We will talk and get to know each other a bit, and together we will examine the possibility of setting a personal consultation meeting/process.

The application been sent!

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